Terms and Conditions

Ok .... lets keep things simple


1: Dont daisy chain URL's to other shorten services

2: No links to child porn or you WILL be reported to the NEW ZEALAND Police

3: If you are a registered user your info and links are private to all but you ..... I will not pass anything on to ANYONE (Unlike googles goo.to) The only time info will be given out is through order of the NEW ZEALAND justice system

4: If someone asks for a link to be removed for copyright reasons .... I will delete the link but will never ban users .... you are safe here

5: All services are FREE right now ... services such as Geocaching or Custom Banners may become chargeable at a very very very cheap rate .... we dont want to make a profit

6: Your privacy is number ONE

7: We are non profit but donations are appreciated via paypal to keep this dedicated server going

Thats about it for now .... no unreadable lawyer type bullshit

The Admin